2LM Corporate

Heavy weight consulting services

2LM aka. #2largemen

We provide heavy weight consulting services with advantages of small company.

Our main focus is to be valued partner for companies seeking funding, ways to improve their marketing, paths to grow and evolve or new worlds to be conquered. As a jolious team we might seem, we are dead serious when we are working for the best of your business!

We have strong competence in Hi-Tech-, Event- and Agricultural industries. We’ve been working with customers in different industries from Tokyo to San Francisco, from London to Dubai and dozens of more so we have gathered some experience already. During the years we have gathered quite some networks so if we think we are not the right persons to help your company, we definitely will find who is.

One of our projects are to combine all our favourite industries together and with the power of our amazing partner DLG e.V. announce ground breaking “AgroTech Nordic” event for the benefit of Nordic agriculture!

Henrik Kalliola

Henrik Kalliola


Marko Toviakka

Marko Toivakka